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Cotswold Tours 

We are a Japanese wife and English Husband team who between us have travelled and lived in many places all over the world. We met in Japan where we lived together for 7 years until we returned to the UK to settle in the Cotswolds. We are both Japanese and English speakers so can provide tour information and assistance in both languages, which our Japanese customers find particularly helpful!

Cotswolds Adventures was born from our enjoyment of various cycling tours in Europe and Japan which made us realise that there is no better way of seeing and getting to know a place than by bike or by car.  Cycling allows you to tour at your own pace, stopping when and where you like and means you don’t have to negotiate the public transport system (which is terrible in the UK!). You can interact with the locals as you go, stop at a pub for a pint, and access all the little nooks and crannies that you would normally miss on a bus or train. Best of all, it’s totally eco-friendly and you get fit in the process!

We also decided to offer private chauffeur driven tours for those who feel more comfortable experiencing the Cotswolds from the comfort of a luxury vehicle than on the saddle of a mountain bike! Our chauffeur driven tours offer all the flexibility and access of our cycling tours but offer more comfort and are less tiring! The location of the Cotswolds makes our Cotswold tours ideal day trips from London.

Finally, after speaking to a lot of customers, we decided to bring it all together and combine our Cotswold tours into multi-day packages that can include accommodation and various combinations of our tours. This is ideal for people who would like to see the Cotswolds both by bike and by car or who would like to spend a bit more time exploring the Cotswolds. Again, the tours are totally unique and tailor made to our customers needs and interests. As we are small, we are flexible, allowing you to have much more control over your travel experience than you would if you booked through a larger tour company. 

Our Staff

Owner and tour guide

Jamie is originally from the UK but also has lived and travelled in many countries all over the world. Most recently he spent 9 years working as a teacher in Japan. Jamie loves cooking, running, cycling and playing the guitar. His love for the English countryside and history brought him back to the UK to start Cotswolds Adventures.

cycling in the Cotswolds
Japanese Tour Assistant

 Haruko is originally from Osaka in Japan. She helps with the Japanese bookings and enquiries and sometimes does some of the shorter cycling tours. She fell in love with the UK when she visited as a language exchange student. She is very friendly and is into good food, country pubs, yoga, painting and exploring the secrets of the Cotswolds.